To meet individual needs, we offer:

  • experience in marketing and communications
  • tested many concepts
  • verified contacts in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sector
  • copywriter and graphics
  • team of technical staff for installation in the field, and communication with vendors
  • any transportation
  • storage
  • immediate help in solving problems (not only in marketing)
  • is important to us your satisfaction

We provide:

  • preparation of marketing plans and activities
  • mediated communication and media space to ensure
  • graphics and design
  • installation of the advertising materials in the field
  • use logistics center - storage, transport
  • PPC search and social media
  • SEO
  • content marketing
  • social media marketing
  • performance marketing

Marketing & Advertising

From this area, we offer a wide range of services, backed by 16 years of experience:

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Design & DTP

The advantage of working with us is an organic link with several graphic study, and therefore the time and creative independence, thanks to which we also offer:

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Outdoor & Indoor Events

From this area, we offer a wide range of services:

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  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Precision Work
  • Design & DTP
  • Rich Experience
  • Outdoor & Indoor Events
  • The Most Effective Solution

About us

We would like to introduce Klapro Company Ltd., which though it is a young company can offer great ideas on marketing and outdoor activities.

We are team of professionals and enthusiasts, doing a precise job and always suggest the most effective solutions.

We rely on the experience of individual team members.

The site a basic offers, all projects ever conceived according to custom.



Rozšiřujeme pole působnosti na on-line trhu v oblasti plyšových hraček -



Moving into larger spaces.



We open an on-line shop with imported grocery for you. You can find bounty from import only at NAMINY.CZ

On the site, besides popular Boozled products you can find lesser common sweets and beverages from most popular marks as Jelly BellyWonka, Twizlers, Cheetos, the unconventional version of Coca-cola, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, Arizona etc.

From less frequent we offer chips of different flavors, products Reese's from peanut butter or unusual exotic foods.



On-line store on websites

Cashback promotions


2012 - 2014

We are developing a database system for Cashback with a bonus



We realize the first Cashback event in the Czech and Slovak Republic.